Now once you go out to sea you cannot be attacked by other players ships

Now once you go out to sea you cannot be attacked by other players ships

The little ship (Formerly your frame) has one lower deck. Now if you want to employ a team you may. They are similar to servants in construction however preform different tasks. There is a navigator, cook, cannon-man (Operates weapons in mini-game - explained later) or a repairman to fix you ship. To support you team you need to pay them money and give them crew-quarters to OSRS Gold sleep in. Now once you head out to sea you can also store supplies such as food and drinks including alchohal.

Now once you go out to sea you cannot be attacked by other players ships but you could be stopped and searched by a patrol vessel. They will board your boat to ensure that you aren't smugiling people or weapons. However, you may have passengers who will pay a fare up to 10k depending on the size of your ship. You can land at any port in runescape. BTW You CANNOT Summon Familiars or anything else.

You can't bring any pets onto your or anybody else's boat. When you get off of your ship and do not come back on for a while, then your ship and crew will just stay in the port. Nobody can board your boat, your team can't leave, if you don't fire them you do not pay them or they do not like the conditions on the ship - Not sufficient food, Too little sleeping quarters etc.,.

Now for your mini-game. I have not decided on a title for your own mini-game yet so I'll look at notions. This is a harmful mini-game. Your team, you and your boat may all end up in the bottom of the sea so be ready. What happens is that you roam the sea looking for ships to kill. Your weaponry will be bows and arrows, dwarf cannon, catapult, mage, and you may even have other gamers encounter on your boat to help you.

You can't teleport out. When you find another boat you participate it. If you sink it, you'll have your crew search for the loot. Imager36 brought up a good point about flying enemies boats. In case you have other players and crewmembers aboard your boat, then you can board the enemies boat. It'll require higher agility levels based on where you board. If you board from Buy RS 2007 Gold the deck, then just walk across a plank - 10 Agility. You are able to board onto a rope - 40 Agility.


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