Rocket League sits in my top 10 games of all time

Rocket League sits in my top 10 games of all time

The Car Preset feature provides players up to ten slots for saving car loadout configurations and allows players to keep their vehicle customizations, such as equip to orange and equip to blue. With regards to colors, the game update also features an expanded primary color palette, along with randomize button for players to check preset looks.Meanwhile, the Crates and Keys system involves random receipts of Crates following the competitive matches. These contain unique Garage items such as animated decals, battle cars, and exotic wheels. Players have to purchase Keys to open the Crates. They cost $1.49 each or $5 for five, $10 for 10 keys, and $20 for 20 keys.

Rocket League sits in my top 10 games of all time. Hell, it might be near the top. It is the perfect game. Matches last just five minutes. The rules are simple. And the fun is endless.Psyonix was quick to embrace the competitive side of Rocket League and launched the Rocket League Championship Series. This weekend, 8 teams from Europe and North America will show off their Rocket League skills from the Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles and thousands across the world on Twitch., as knowledgeable online store, helps you purchase cheap Rocket League Items and better enjoy your game, without fear about anything. Want to shop for cheap Rocket League Credits fast?


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