PUBG was once a confidently unfashionable game

PUBG was once a confidently unfashionable game

But this is just the first iteration of the Event Pass, and I imagine with all the backlash PUBG Corp.'s already facing (additional items have also been unlocked for people who don't want to pay for the Event Pass but want to complete its missions) that the second time the Event Pass returns it will be a lot different from its form now. There's also the lingering feeling that there's not really anything amazing to earn in the Event Pass that's celebrating the release of the new Sanhok map. With other Battle Pass-like services, such as Rocket League's upcoming one, there's a central thrust of collectible goodies to entice players. PUBG was once a confidently unfashionable game, making its introduction of crop tops and even more neon gun skins feel even more out of place.

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