'How do we get him on our team?

'How do we get him on our team? Rocket League Items

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Just as soon as SadJunior exited, Garrett "GarrettG" Gordon entered. He had been to both previous RLCS live finals with Orbit (originally Exodus), which disbanded after a disappointing 7th-8th finish the last time around. Orbit and NRG had scrimmed regularly the previous season, so the players already had a solid relationship, and NRG set their targets on GarrettG as soon as Orbit split."Fireburner and I knew that we wanted Garrett on our team after we saw that Orbit was disbanding," admits Jacob. "The offseason for us was more of a, 'How do we get him on our team?' rather than a 'Who do we get on our team?' [situation]. We started playing together and knew early on that our team had a ton of potential, and we all mutually agreed to come together.

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