They are not working towards anything and it'll get them

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Dragon scimmy is RS3 gold much cheaper than a brackish, (50k, as opposed to 500k) but needs completion of monkey madness. A saradomin sword is far better to get str, but it also prices 4m-5m, and that means you cant manage it. For your sheild slot, (unless ur tanking, or fighting drags) a monster protector is your absolute best. Its untradable however, and u need to kill cyclopes in the top floor of the warriors guild to receive them. .

U proceed in, after earning tokens, visit the cyclopes, and on"all tokens" mode, battle them. . When u kill them, there is an opportunity tht one of their drops is a protector of the nxt tier. . Example: U kill a cyclops without weilding any defender, it might fall a bronze defender. . Even though weilding bronze, they fall iron, and so on. However, defenders are rare drops, so going from no defender, to dragon defender will prolly take a few hrs, plus the time necessary to make all the tokens...

If you are going to boss or into some place where u will be tanking a ton of dmg, u require a dfs (8.5mil), but it sux im0. Other than that, you need to get Amulet of Glory, Obsidian cape (or fire cape, which needs u to kill Jad), Regen bracelet (or rune+ gloves out of rdf), dragon boots, and get an aura, (sign up for the members loyality programme, when you haven't alrdy, to start earning points, which you use for buying auras. .) Hope that helps!

Additionally, individuals give away cash in hopes that these players can get rich and will abandon or become best buddies and give them like 10M in place of 100K. Many of those"beggars" are really substantial levels who make cash like this then move money in order that they will never return back. They do get lucky sometimes and also make friends with real new people who do provide them alot back.

Two bad things in this: Account Moving which is bannable. They are not working towards anything and it'll get them . I did beg before occasionally. I recall that I needed around 500GP in my pure mage to get runes... I asked someone and he gave me 35K rather and told me to love. I informed him I had a primary and he was like what. Some folks just give it as it makes them feel good. I've learnt one cheap OSRS gold thing. If you want even 500GP work for this. Go to cows and you'll have it . Begging anywhere is a terrible habit to have.


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