From what I understand a black screen issue is connected with an older

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Additionally in RS3 gold case you didn't do the math, bandos with a 6 man team would hardly profit tbh, you would be banking after every kill and getting like 5 kills/hr max, you'd waste so much time and then IF you've got a drop you would pay for all the supplies you wasted and deaths you incurred.Runescape keeps dcing me. As in I log into lobby, attempt and head to one of the servers and guess what, I can see my stats and stuff and also the chat box but the remaining portion of the display is black. Nothing loads up after and I dc sometimes it dcs me in the lobby wat is dis. I am going to run you through a few'standard procedure' items.

From what I understand a black screen issue is connected with an older version of java. Have you updated coffee? Are you running the most recent version of your web browser? In the case that upgrading java and your webbrowser does not fix it, please answer the following so we may be of more help: What operating system are you currently using? What webbrowser are you currently using? Have you been in a position to play runescape before? Additionally you may attempt to tweak the graphics options before logging into the game, located in the top right hand corner on the login screen. . But it'd be quite slow with this method. Buy elemental (fire, air, water, earth) bstaffs. . (9kish every ) and alch them. They alch to get 9.3k ea. . After nats price, thts still 100-150 gp, per alch... Per alch provides 63 exp approximately so. Lets say u need 12.5mil exp for 99 mage. Thats approx 198413 alchs. U may get 1200 alchs each hr, if ur committed. . In other words it will take 330.5 days to purchase all of the staffs u need for 99 mage... Although only require alch for approximately 5 hrs a day, for 30 days to get 99 mage. .

Hey guys, I need some help . Somebody is trying to hack my account (due to this fact I have recieved 5 official e-mails out of runescape) saying that somebody is trying to recover my password - that I am not doing. This has induced me to change my details - lender pin, safety concerns, registered email and password. I have even transfered all of my tradeable things to my secondary account simply to keep them secure just in case. I have a feeling that it is because someone seen me in game wearing complete OSRS Gold For Sale dragon armour on a pursuit, maybe?


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