What are the microtransactions in the path of exile?

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Path of Exile can choose to purchase additional microtransaction content for characters and games. It ranges from redundant content to POE Currency. You need to know everything about microtransactions in Path of Exile.

You can purchase micro-conversions in the game or from the "Shopping" section of the Path of Exile website. In Stash, you can purchase additional storage space, exquisite pants cosmetics and weapon skins, and other pet-like equipment. Press the "M" key to access the microprocessor in the game, and you will enter the microprocessor menu. Here, you can easily check which special offers are currently available and the latest toolkits added to the game.

These are mostly decorative and have no advantage in the game, but buying "hidden tags" does provide you with extra space to store the items you find on the go. You can also buy equipment directly from the store with real money. Some "support packages" can give you value for money, so as to add points to your account on the basis of various cosmetics.

To check your micro-conversion and well-equipped cosmetics, press the "I" key to enter your inventory, and then click the "cosmetics" tab in the upper right corner of the screen. This will display all the cosmetics you own, and then you can click "Hide Microtransactions" to view all the goods you currently own.

The biggest transaction in the path of exile is Buy POE Currency. Players can purchase POE currency to complete tasks that are usually difficult to complete in the game. Choosing a reliable website can make the transaction smoother.


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