I really don't like the way the wilderness will be all single or all multicombat.

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The SORWT SOF is an endeavor to keep cash flow in the community that's reducing with RuneScape gold people growing up quitting play with new players coming from every year while not addressing the issues I raised above.

There are many problems with it - from the rule changes that they made so obviously to make it salable (RWT! Which most object to) to how it really bears little significance to the gameplay generally ( tacked on material was a regular early description) but its something alot people have got used to use on a regular basis (@ the free dailies skilling/killing drops) could probably lead to the rants to rise again if it was suddenly removed entirely.

An investment in an real-world advertising budget to deal with the issues I raised (hopefully) bring in a new generation of gamers, or even return of the ones that have left could view":thats exactly what it is like now?" Could fix the guaranteed monthly cash flow problems. Video, print game shop advertisements on a large international basis wont be cheap however. Whether this hasn't occured because the budget is genuinely that tight, then they would like to correct the match (bots) before proceeding forward or they just cba to spend the cash is guesswork. My preference: Wind the SOF back to free spins just, put some thought into a marketing department - theres only so much cash it is possible to get out of this (relative) few who do play, but theres a globe filled with pockets out there if you tell them where to come.

I really don't like the way the wilderness will be all single or all multicombat. All skillers will go to single, making the multicombat worlds empty except possibly for a couple of big clans that waste hours looking for each other. The wilderness the way that it's right now is fine. Yes. At the moment the wilderness is poor, this will make it worse. There's not any point in going to a multi battle world if your skilling.

When the wilderness was at its peak in action, there was something such as a food chain. Trainers and single individual pkers were hunted by little, unorganized multiple participant groups (teams), small organized clans hunted the teams, and bigger organized clans hunted the small clans and each other. At the moment, there really aren't any coaches (there are other places to mine rune today and I am not even certain if the boneyard is still around), so the activity has truly died. In freeplay where I play with, even the deep wilderness is probably as secure as many the other regions in buy OSRS gold the freeplay world.

Jagex attempts to help clans by creating clan support material like citadels and clan chats. But if they are very interested in assisting clans they should focus on improving jungle action. Put incentives for people like coaches to go out in the wilderness (for instance, experience rewards and maybe more training places ).

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