The Prerequisites For Dragon Slayer

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(1) I was fishing in Musa Point, Karamja. A participant runs around us and asks for OSRS gold food. He had been hoping to complete Dragon Slayer. Someone on the pier fished/cooked 22 lobsters for him. While doing so, we requested his stats. His response was (roughly ) level 40 assault, 40 strength, 40 defense, low level rangedmagic, 15 prayer. I recall reading about what att/str/def level you ought to be at, and what armor/food/supplies you should bring, so I told him that also wearing a (rune total ) helmet would be good when he was likely to confront Elvarg. However, the person went straight for the combat with Elvarg. So I ceased fishing and chose to watch the fight. (Aside: Here is approximately what I conquered Elvarg with. Note I was not very interested in Runescape quests once I played, therefore I probably might have tried the Dragon Slayer quest sooner than I did... Strike 41, Power 55, Defense 45, prayer 43. I brought armor/supplies close to exactly what Sal's website urges. I would recommend the same armor/supplies to anyone trying to defeat Elvarg, except an amulet of power in place of the sacred emblem, and a rune scimitar instead of the rune longsword).

The man did a fantastic job of defeating Elvarg! He didn't turn on prayer at all. (Aside: I remember Elvarg being hard to conquer. The bizarre thing is, for each of the greater att/str/def/prayer/armor I had, it looked like he had a simpler struggle against Elvarg than I did. I know that it's probably because I was not facing the dragonfire myself, that it seemed easier when he fought the dragon than when I did. I guess the requirements for Dragon Slayer aren't as elevated as I believed? What att/str/def/prayer level did you conquer Elvarg with?

(2) that I was not wearing any armor whilst fishing at Musa Point. When the man headed for the volcano, I did not have the time to run to the bank and get some armor. So I just went . When I pushed the trapdoor from the wall, I ran Elvarg's lair but a Lesser Demon saw me and wanted a struggle. I ran past it but it followed me. I was busy watching the man fight Elvarg, but I did have auto-retaliate on. I kept a watch on what was happening about me while watching the struggle against Elvarg. I managed to defeat the Lesser Demon with kicking. The Elvarg fight was not yet finished, along with a sword decided it wanted to fight meso I conquered the skeleton with auto-retaliate hanging, also. I hadn't before attempted to defeat a Lesser Demon by minding - it was a good experience.

Which F2P creature gives the very best total loot? *NOT* the most valuable single thing drop, but the maximum value during a lengthy session of defeating the stated creature that is given? I've seen a range of cheap RuneScape gold individuals choose level 83 cockroach soldiers in the Stronghold of Player Safety. Maybe Members fighting with the"F2P" level 83 cockroach soldiers receive good drops, but there's no way that level 83 cockroach soldiers give the best drops in F2P. So a member finding that the cockroach soldiers give really good drops, that doesn't count as a fantastic F2P fall (that's a P2P drop).

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