If you're a WoW subscriber, you can check
If you're a WoW subscriber, you can check May 29

If you're a WoW subscriber, you can check

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Alongside a release date, Blizzard shared Afterlives: Bastion, the first of four animated shorts developed to expand the narrative of Shadowlands. The brief centers on a familiar face from the Warcraft universe: Uther.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands large pre-expansion event is live on the test servers and it has unleashed an unfathomably big zombie plague on players, turning Azeroth's capital cities to undead wastelands. Hundreds of zombies are stalking the streets, devouring any NPC they can find--even including some that provide quests--and turning them into the undead. Players that get within arm's reach may also be infected, providing them particular zom-bilities and letting them attack other players to spread the infection.

To be clear, this isn't happening in the live version of the game but on its own public test servers. It's here that Blizzard evaluations upcoming changes to the match, such as the upcoming level cap squish (maximum level players will only be level 50, together with the new level cap being 60 when Shadowlands releases) along with the overhauled new participant experience. But, sometime later this autumn, this event will start on live servers--and when it's anything like what's happening now, it'll be a bloodbath.

I am not exactly certain if the event is working as planned. At the moment, Stormwind is absolutely overrun with ghouls which are rampaging through the streets and slaughtering everything that moves. The auction house, sellers, and even the lender are unusable--that may be frustrating for gamers that, when the event is truly live, are just trying to go about their day to day company.

On the WoW subreddit, players have also found ways to attract the zombie infestation out capital cities, making entire areas of Azeroth uninhabitable.

Fortunately, WoW game designer Jeremy Feasel confirmed the zombie invasion portion of the event will only be active for a few hours through the day rather than all the time. I am actually a bit disappointed with that, frankly, because I believe it would be fun to find an all-out, 24/7 invasion which players need to attempt to contain--something akin to World of Warcraft's notorious Corrupted Blood incident.

Players can also venture into the arctic wastes of Northrend to battle bosses and make powerful loot, and there is also a new narrative quest to test .

If you're a WoW subscriber, you can check all this out today by following these steps to get the public test server. Otherwise, you can wait until the event inevitably starts sometime in the coming months.

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